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It is used to manage large articles / news based websites.
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Managing large dynamic article websites has always been a difficult task for several webmasters, we have developed Clixint Article Manager keeping you in mind. By using this system one can easily manage their news and/or articles quite easily. You can easily update your content with almost all web based browsers easily. Article Manager not only provides you an advance content management system but you can generate revenues by using (turning Adsense On / Off) google adsense.

  • Free installation support
  • Full PHP Source Code
  • Free updates (6 months)

Clixint Article Manager Clixint Article Manager

Article manager manage larges article based websites. Its advanced admin panel helps to make it happen with a few clicks.
Product Features and Details
It is an advance article publishing system designed to make your life easier by enabling you to publish articles or news to your website quickly and easily with an advance WYSIWYG Editor that includes features such as a built-in spell checker, with image, flash files and asset management and many more. Clixint Article manager is template based system, so you can easily integrate it with your existing web site design without any problems. Here is what you get after you purchase.

    • Completely browser based
    • Web based installer
    • Fully SEO optimized
    • Web based administration system
    • User Groups and Permissions
    • User registration system
    • Profile management system
    • Advance search levels
    • Staff Moderation Panel
    • Email Subscription
    • HTML based Newsletter
    • Create HTML content
    • Short Statistics
    • Display a random articles
    • Comments and Rating
    • Separate Featured articles.
    • RSS feeds
    • Google Adsense Intration

Product Screenshots
Screenshots - We have added few of the product screenshots below, for more screenshots visit the screenshots page.
Home Page View - This is the view of home page once the script is installed on the server.
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Admin Panel - These are features of the admin panel, each section is very detailed.
View Image
Generagl Settings - There are a lot of general settings you can set through Admin Panel.
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Advance Editor - The CMS uses advance WYSIWYG Editor, that also has asset manager.
View Image
Article View - This is article view, having PDF, comments, font size, rating, similar articles etc.
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Staff Panel - Staff Group has a separate Control Panel to manage pending / approved articles.
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Use Groups - You can create different user groups and set different permission levels.
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Profile View - Each article author has a profile view, has different options and search.
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Learn More About Clixint Article Manager
Clixint Article Manager is based on PHP & MySQL and works perfectly on Linux servers and Windows server that support PHP & MySQL. Please check demos and screenshots and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Blow is the list of general features of the Article Manager:

- Web based installer, easy to follow installation process.
- Publish articles / news without any HTML skills.
- Merge within your existing design easily. System is template based, easily change html code.
- Search Engine friendly URLs, generates .html extensions for articles and categories. Turn on/off feature.
- Web based administration system which allows you to manage articles easily.
- Manage user groups and set their permissions.
- User registration system, manage through admin panel.
- Profile management system for registered users (writers).
- Advance search levels, search within articles, titles, categories and / or sub-categories etc.
- Separate Moderation Panel for staff members' group.
- Email subscription for general users and/or visitors.
- Send HTML based newsletter through admin panel.
- Create HTML content without any HTML skills with advance WYSIWYG editor
- Show short statistics for total authors, articles, categories and views.
- Display a random article on the right side column.
- Post comments and rate articles.
- Show recent and featured articles.
- Provide you RSS feeds to other webmasters.
- Generate revenues from google adsense / turn it on / off for index and article preview individually.

- Fast loading
- Cross-browser, 100% javascript code/object.
- Advance Spell checker using - ieSpell (
- Easy to select any HTML elements (text, paragraphs, images, etc)
- Built-in advance Tag Selector
- Asset Manager (upload images, flash files, media files etc, create folders etc)
- Full Screen editing mode (doesn't open a new window)
- Floating dialogs for special editing (changes can be seen immediately)
- Dropdowns with formatting preview
- View HTML source with code formatting & coloring
- New Stylesheet-based Formatting
- Complex selection, Generates clean tags for text formatting (no deprecated HTML tags).

Easy to apply style to any HTML elements (using Tag Selector), not limited to just selected text or selectable objects

- Advanced Editing Dialogs
- Text Formatting dialog
- Paragraph Formatting dialog
- List Formatting dialog,
- Box Formatting dialog and
- Table/Cell editing dialogs
- Change font styles, color, size etc.
- Justify text left, right etc
- Create numbered / bullet (image) lists.

All provide you with a rich style control to define font, background, border, margin, etc. And with its custom CSS dialog & predefined Style Selector, you can do almost anything to the content. (predefined styles can be from external css file or direct configuration)

- Print Article.
- Adjust font size.
- Send article to friend.
- Save as pdf (limitations : without images)
- Post and read comments / reviews
- Rate articles / graphical preview
- View most rated and read articles.
- Recent and featured articles on index page.
- View how many times article has been viewed.
- Article publication date, author and category included.
- Divide / cut articles into different pages.
- Include / Remove google adsense from articles.

- Turn Adsense on / off for index page.
- Just add your google adsense publisher ID to get started.
- Turn Adsense on / off for article's detail page, it replaces the author's profile.
- Unnoticeable Ad integration, Ads are integrated in such a way that they look like original articles.

- Provide RSS feeds to other webmaster
- The system provide advance options for category and number of article selections

Article Management

- Article Submission : Set as featured, make it link article for offsite articles, article staus.
- Approve / disapprove pending articles.
- Manage Articles : add, edit, delete, search.
- Search articles by title, keyword or username.

Category Management

- Supports unlimited categories / sub-categories.
- Manage Categories (add, edit, delete).
- Turn on / off categories (hide).
- Upload category image.
- Search Engine Friendly category names (.html)

User(s) Management

- Add (register) new users
- Change their user group
- Browse Users
- User Profiles
- Ban a user
- Search, edit and delete users

User Groups Management

- Create unlimited user groups
- Assign different powers to users based on groups
- Change users' permissions
- Add to staff members (with allowed permissions)

Subscription Management

- Manage subscribers
- Search subscribers
- Delete subscribers
- Certain options : Bulk add, bulk delete (all) and email subscribers.

Newsletter Management

- General configuration : senders name, email, address, emails per attempt
- Compose HTML / TEXT based newsletter
- Preview and save newsletter template
- Save newsletter as drafts
- Make newsletter for public archives

General Site Settings

- Set site title, meta tags, description, welcome message, name and slogan
- Set number of articles to be displayed per page while browsing categories
- Turn on / off site for maintenance, offline maintenance message
- Comments Management : turn comments on / off, comments moderation
- Adsense Setting : publisher's ID, turn on/off for index, turn on / off for articles detail page
- General Look and Feel variables (colors)
- Download MySQL Backup

Manage Comments

- Comments settings
- Approve / disapprove comments
- Edit / Delete comments

- Manage my articles
- Now, users have thier own management section, where they can browse and edith their approved and pending articles.

- Modified article view
- Most viewed articles
- Most recent articles
- turn "most viewed" and "most recent" ON / OFF from admin panel
- set number of "most recent" and "most viewed" articles from admin panel.

Category management
- The categories and sub categories are enhaced while submitting and editing any article.

- Improved ease while submitting / editing article.
- Changed author's profile for better search engine optimization.

- Admin can add "author name" while submitting and editing article.
- Improved different areas for better SEP and search engine optimization.
- Update My profile - Update my avatar
- Better view for "link articles" while browsing.

Keyword Glossary Module
- Admin can manage keywords under "General Setting" in admin Panel.

Product Requirements

It is a very simple to install script, if you require further assistance while installation we offer free installation and support. Below is a quick overview of requirements:

User (Front End) Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows, Mac, Unix or Linux
  • Web Browsers : Internet Explorer (Windows), FireFox, Chrome or Safari

Installation / Server Requirements

  • Apache Web Server
  • Linux, Unix, or Windows
  • Scripting Language: PHP 5.1 or above
  • Linux, Unix, or Windows

If you are not sure about your server specifications, please contact us and we will analyze your server and assist.
Screenshots & Videos of Product

We have added detailed screenshots & videos of our product, please go through the system to better understand how it works, If you have any questions, feel free to contact us before you purchase. We also offer customization of our products. If you want a custom module coded or enhanced please discuss with one of our representative.

  • Home Page View

  • Admin Panel

  • Generagl Settings

  • Advance Editor

  • Article View

  • Staff Panel

  • Use Groups

  • Profile View
Product demos and detailsFor front end user demo please visit

Username : demo
Password : demo

For administration panel

Username : admin
Password : admin

login as a staff member
Username : staff
Password : staff

If you login with Admin username and password while browsing, then you will be able to edit / delete comments and articles. If you change the group of user and its permission, then you will see a Mod Panel link at the top. The Mod Panel and Admin Panel links are only visible to authorized user groups.
Single Domain License

Price : $99
Free installation support
Free updates : 12 months

10 Domain License Pack

Price : $499
Free installation support
Free updates : 12 months

20 Domain License Pack

Price : $999
Free installation support
Free updates : 12 months

Copyright Notice Removal (single domain)

Exclusive : For sublicensing Clixint Article Manager with your company brand (your own company name in copyrights) please contact us.
Product Terms and conditions

Please read our terms & conditions carefully before you purchase any of our product.
If you are unsure about terms, feel free to contact us.

Limited Usage

We grant you a limited use of our products, you may NOT use any of our products for your clients more than one, each and every purchase is only for individual company or client, however, if you are interested to make the same design for any other client, you will have to purchase the same products for other client. All the images, fonts and SWF files may be only used for any particular design/product, you may NOT use any part of our products in other products. Separate usage of any image, font or SWF is prohibited.

Unauthorized Usage

You may not place any of our products, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind. All kind of resale/redistribution is prohibited.


You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of Clixint Technologies and independent content providers. Our products are provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, we are not responsible for any kind of damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.

Refund Policy

We offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days only if the product cannot be installed on your server (by customer or by our staff), if you cannot install the product properly please contact us, one of our representative will install it on your server for FREE. Once it is obvious that product can be install perfectly and works properly the order cannot be refunded.

Fraud Review

Our credit card processing / verification company may take 1-24 hours to verify either the order is fraudulent or not, usually it takes 20 min. If the order seems to be suspicious, it may take long, and you will not get the Downloads instantly.

Instant Download

For the time being we have removed instant downloads, the verification may take 1-24 hours, but mostly it takes 20 min. You will receive a readme file after your purchase with more details.

NOTE : We reserve the right to change/modify these terms without any prior notice.
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