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Easy way to Upload files using PHP

Ali Imran 0
Working as Chief Operating Officer
Posted in PHP & MySQL

There is a traditional way of uploading files in php usually developers use, that is, use functions is_uploaded_file() and move_uplaoded_file(). These functions my create problems sometimes. function move_uplaoded_file() sometimes does not let you move file to a specific folder, may be becuase your account does not have permission to move a temporary file to some folder in your account. I encountered same problem when my client reported me that he has ful permissions to write a file anywhere in any folder, and he has successfully chmod-ed the folders to 777 / 666 (on unix server), but he still cannot get the admin panel script to perform uploading of image. Then I came to know that I must not use move_uplaoded_file, but find some other way to read the file data and write it myself whereever I want. So I came up with following things.

//First check types and errors and make sure file is right

$file_to_read = $_FILES['myfilevar']['tmp_name']; //access tmp_name that is temporary file

$file_data = implode("",file($file_to_read));

Now we have full data of file in variable $file_data and we can use it to write the file anywhere allowed.

For example you wish to write the uplaoded file 'mynewfile.png' to a sub folder called 'myfiles', you write as.

$f = fopen("./myfiles/mynewfile.png","w");

That's it - you no more need to use move_uploaded_file.

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